Home Improvements Increase Home Market Value

wall picture frame inside the living room

Updating the image of your house once in a while is good. First, it will make your house more comfortable to live in. Second, you will get the “looks” that you want to achieve in your house through a renovation. Third, a home renovation can give you a sense of achievement. Lastly, a home renovation can increase your home market value.

How does home improvement increase your house’s value?

When the time comes that you have to sell your house, and if you had some house improvements, you can sell it at a higher price. People are willing to pay more for a good house than a deteriorated one. That is why it is important to keep in mind that the more improvements you made, the better.

Home improvements that increase market value

cabinet with a mirror

Below are some examples of house improvements which can help increase your house’s market value.

  • Additional bathroom

This may be the best home improvement you can make. After all, an additional bathroom creates a greater functionality of a home, while also increasing resale value. If you are not sure where you could possibly squeeze in an additional bathroom, you can start to look for a small space in a basement or underutilized closet.

  • Update the bathroom tiles

Replace worn out tile with subway tile for a classic look that will appeal to most tastes. If you have a little more budget, replace a water-hogging toilet with a slimline, low-flush model.

  • Consider new floorings

Hardwoods and tile floor add a level of warmth and are a definite return on investment. Hardwoods, laminate and tile floors are easier to clean and aren’t magnets for dust and dirt, so they are ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

  • Creating an entertainment room

Whether hosting a game night, book club or wine tasting, an unused space can become party central. Whether it is kid-friendly or space for adults, this home improvement will be utilized a lot and add value to your home.

  • Building an outdoor kitchen

The ability to cook outdoors without running in and out of the home to retrieve food and utensils is a kind of luxury than any homeowner can appreciate. Build your outdoor cook space with a BBQ grill, mini bar, refrigerator and you will have a culinary home improvement masterpiece.

  • Replace the roof

If your home is over 20 years old, it is time to upgrade your roof. Energy-efficient roof choices are more available as well as other options like a white metal roof which can be up to 60% cooler than a black asphalt shingle roof.

  • Paint your front door

Having an updated front door with quality door handles is a great first impression. A front door also symbolizes the entire face of the home so it is important to choose the right paint color. Currently, red, yellow or blue doors are the most popular.

  • Kitchen countertops

Top of the most home improvement lists is stone countertops. Whether it is granite or quartz, the potential home buyer will not see the kitchen as finished without them. Consider installing under-cabinet lighting to showcase the countertops.

  • Convert an attic

If the only purpose of your attic is to store old junk, you can convert this underutilized space into a more livable square footage. Some homeowners may have the option to turn their attic into a loft, master suite, or home office.

  • Garage makeover

A too large garage door is a total eyesore if it is rusty, dirty or if the paint is faded. Replace the door. Trick out the garage floors with epoxy paint, finish the walls and add a little illusion to the walls and garage door. Add storage units, workbench or tool chest and proper hardware for hanging bikes, tools and lawn care items.

  • Improve the driveway

A driveway doesn’t warrant much thought for most people. But when you drive past a house and notice the worn out asphalt or cracked concrete driveway with weeds growing from the cracks, it suddenly needs attention. A correctly designed driveway will make the house look bigger.